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Stainless Steel Bars

Stainless Steel Bars

Saraswati Steel and Engineering Co., founded in 2011, is a prominent metal importer, stockholder, and supplier.

Saraswati Steel and Engineering Co is a specialist in Stainless Steel angles and channels, pipes and fittings, industrial fittings, flanges and fittings, dairy valves, stainless steel fasteners, UPVC pipes, industrial valves, stainless steel bars, and wire rods.

Stainless steel bars are long, solid cylinders of stainless steel. They are available in a variety of grades and finishes.

Features of Our SS Bars

SS bars have excellent resistance to corrosion.
Stainless steel bars possess high strength and durability, enabling them to withstand heavy loads and impacts without deformation or failure.
SS bars come in various grades and finishes.

Stainless steel bars, depending on the grade, lend themselves to easy machining and forming into different shapes, making them ideal for applications that require precise dimensions and intricate designs.

SS has hygienic properties, making SS Bars suitable for use in foodservice applications.

Grades of SS Bars:

304: This is the most common grade of stainless steel. It is corrosion-resistant, strong, and ductile. It is often used in architectural and structural applications.

316: This grade is more corrosion-resistant than 304. It is often used in marine and industrial applications.

410: This grade is less corrosion-resistant than 304 or 316. However, it is more magnetic and easier to machine.

Uses of SS Bars:

Structural applications, such as beams, columns, and reinforcements.
Architectural applications, such as railings, handrails, and balustrades.
Industrial applications, such as machine parts, tooling, and fixtures.
Medical applications, such as surgical instruments and implants.
Foodservice applications, such as tableware and cookware.

Saraswati Steel & Engineering Co. is a supplier of stainless steel bars in Chennai, Maudai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kochi, Coimbatore, Mysuru, Puduchery, Salem, Visakhapatnam, Tirupati, Kota, and others.

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About Company

Saraswati Steel & Engineering Co. established since 2011 and We take pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the largest Importer, Stock Holders & Suppliers.

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