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Blind Flanges

blind flanges
Product Details

Blind Flanges

As depicted below, a blind flange is a solid flange. These are used to cover a portion of pipe or a nozzle on a vessel that isn't in use. (A nozzle is a pipe that emerges from a vessel and is flanged so that it can be linked to valves or pipework). A nozzle is frequently blanked off with a blind flange for pressure tests at a plant or simply because the customer does not use all of the nozzles supplied on the tank.

For these blinds, the ideal practice is to use a normal gasket. Blind flanges can be raised face (RF) or flat faced, just like normal pipe flanges (FF). If the flange is RF, a standard ring gasket suitable for service and/or testing should be used.

Product Specificatiion

Technical Specification

A blind flange is a solid steel component that has no bore (internal diameter) and is used to terminate a line. Blinds provide a well-formed termination point or rerouting of the media in issue towards another component of the pipe assembly, as the majority of flange connections allow for the passage of air or fluid through an internal opening. We offer custom machined versions of these, which are normally delivered as blanks to match up to slip on and weld neck flanges. NPT threads in the middle, as well as custom bore holes to operate as slip-on flanges without hubs, are popular modifications.

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