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Dairy Valves

Product Details

Dairy Valves

Water, steam, cleaning solutions, coolant, and compressed air are all carried through conduit systems in a dairy. A waste-water system that leads to the drain is also required. All of these systems are constructed in a similar manner. The materials utilized, the design of the components, and the pipe sizes are all different. Stainless steel is used for all components that come into touch with the product. Cast iron, steel, copper, and aluminum are among the materials utilized in the other systems. Water and air lines are made of plastic, whereas drainage and sewage pipes are made of ceramic.

Product Specification

Technical Specification

Buttweld Fittings are commonly used in steam, water, oil, and gas pipe systems. Apart from that, these pipe fittings are in high demand in industries such as pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, food processing, desalination plants, chemical processing, and a variety of others in India and abroad. Our high-quality Buttweld Fittings feature easy maintenance and cleaning, as well as ease of handling, installation, and rust resistance. We made Buttweld fittings in bespoke sizes to meet the needs of our customers. Give us a FREE call today to get these pipe fittings.

Dairy Fittings

In the automotive and engineering industries, dairy fittings are commonly used. Heavy-duty cutting tools and precision blanking equipment for high-strength materials require the fittings provided. Stainless Steel Dairy Fittings have a larger carbon content, making them more efficient and capable of warm processing. They have a number of unique characteristics, including rough growth, superior tensile quality, high carbon content, and more. In the automobile and design industries, dairy fittings are commonly used. Heavy-duty cutting tools and precise blanking instruments constructed of high-strength materials require the proposed fittings.

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